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Logan's story

Kid with Pacifier

Susanne and Andrew approached Child Sleep Solutions when their 17 month old son Logan started refusing to go to bed. He would start acting up as soon as the bedtime routine started and then climbed out of his cot once put there. He was rarely asleep before midnight and often then only in his parent’s bed.

Andrew and Susanne’s relationship was suffering as their evenings were so stressful – they couldn’t go out together as they could not leave a babysitter with the situation. They were also concerned that their older son Joshua was suffering from disrupted sleep because of Logan’s evening behaviour.

With Susanne pregnant with their 3rd child they knew things had to change.

After a long meeting with Susanne, Child Sleep Solutions devised a detailed plan to teach Logan that bed and sleep were a happy place to be, and that his current behaviour was not acceptable. Nicola, from Child Sleep Solutions, spent the first night with them implementing the plan and gave telephone support on subsequent nights. After 4 nights of hard work Logan went to bed happily and slept through and has done so ever since.

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