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Thai's story

Thai had generally been a good sleeper but suddenly, at the age of 4, started to get very anxious at being left alone in her bed at bedtime. She would cry and come to find her mum Gina and insist she come to sit with her. At first Gina, a single parent, was OK with this as Thai would settle within 10-20 minutes and then sleep well. However, after a month of this Thai started waking in the night and coming to find her mum and asking her to come and sit in with her then too. Gradually overtime even bedtime deteriorated and both Thai and her mum were exhausted.

Gina was worried how she would cope if her sleep got even worse as she tried to ‘fix’ things.

During the consultation Nicola and Gina worked out a plan that felt manageable to Gina but didn’t move too fast for Thai. They looked at the whole bedtime routine and ensured Nicola’s plan was clear to follow even if Gina was very tired.

After a week of the new plan Thai started to sleep through the night and all Gina had to do was wean her off the bedtime support. She was tempted to leave things as they were but Nicola explained that if she didn’t wean her off her presence at bedtime the nights could deteriorate again. After another 10 days Gina could kiss Thai goodnight at the end of the bedtime routine and leave her to settle alone.

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