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Katie's story

Curious Girl

After over two years of night waking, Rachael and Andy realised that Katie’s sleep problems were not going to sort themselves out. Rachael had recently given up work as the constant night disturbances had made her too ill to work. Andy had a long commute and a demanding job.

A friend recommended Child Sleep Solutions to Rachael.

After a long phone conversation Nicola at Child Sleep Solutions identified Katie’s dummy as a trigger for her sleep issues. Katie loved her dummy, but at night she would use it as a means to get her parent’s attention by throwing it from the cot and 'losing' it.  She would also refuse to settle without it.

Katie would wake most nights between midnight and 3 am having 'lost' or thrown her dummy. She would then refuse to settle even after the dummy was returned, resulting in upset for her, her mum and dad. Rachael would be left tired and tearful during the day whilst Andy would have to cope with a long commute and a full day’s work, often with as little as 4 hours sleep. Katie would of course be tired and fractious.

Child Sleep Solutions devised a bespoke plan for Rachael and Andy that stressed the importance of eliminating the dummy. There was then a step-by-step guide to teaching Katie to self-settle. A month later Katie is sleeping through the night, Rachael and Andy are more rested and they are confident that if Katie does wake, they have the tools to deal with the wake.

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