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Grace's story

Grace aged 5 months had been a very good sleeper, but quite a fractious baby. However, once the screaming and colic phase was over Grace’s sleep gradually started to deteriorate and over a two month period, became worse and worse until she was waking up throughout the night completely unable to resettle.

Her parents had tried rocking her, feeding her and comforting her but nothing except bringing her to bed with them seemed to work. Jennifer and Paul had started to argue over what to do with the situation and both were too exhausted to see a way forward.

Jennifer and Paul knew something had to change but couldn't see a way forward without support

When they approached Child Sleep Solutions they were concerned that they would be told to leave her to cry. They were reluctant to do this as she had spent so much time crying in her first 3 months and they did not want to go back to that place.

Child Sleep Solutions looked at Grace’s whole daily routine and advised changes to her nap schedule that helped improve things immediately. A night sleep plan was also devised that stopped Grace sleeping with her parents but did not require her to be left to cry at all.

After 5 nights Grace was self-settling and sleeping through. Jennifer and Paul have learnt the skills to help her settle should she start to wake again.

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