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    I was at my wits end when I came to Nicola at Child Sleep Solutions. My daughter would simply not sleep through the night. Now, after only 3 weeks my husband and I are finally getting a good night’s rest after over 2 years of disturbance. Bliss! Rachael, mum to Katie aged 2.5 At last… [Continue Reading]

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    Our approach Child Sleep Solutions can help with any sleep problems and have packages to suit all issues and all budgets. We are not staunch supporters of any one approach and strongly believe that any sleep training methods must always be tailored to suit the individual child and family. Who we are Child Sleep Solutions… [Continue Reading]

    About Child Sleep Solutions
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    Your child can learn to sleep through. Studies into childhood sleep problems have shown that most children, up to 97% can be sleep trained successfully if a bespoke sleep training plan is followed. (Skuladottir 2001). Don’t give up. Sleep training is often one step forward and three back. But when you follow a bespoke training… [Continue Reading]

    Child Sleep Top Tips

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