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Our approach

Child Sleep Solutions can help with any sleep problems and have packages to suit all issues and budgets. We are not staunch supporters of any one approach and strongly believe that any sleep training methods must be tailored to suit the individual child and family. We don’t offer a one size fits all approach as each family is an individual with their own specific needs and goals, we will work in finding a solution that you all feel comfortable with.

Although there may be some tears as babies can only communicate that they don’t like the change by crying, there are approaches that don’t involve any leaving alone to cry. You can comfort and support your little one as they adjust to whatever changes we decide to implement to help achieve great sleep for your whole family.



I have a BSC(Hons) in Psychology, I’m a member of the professional bodies the British Sleep Society and the Sleep Professionals Association as well as the Child Psychology Group. I’m an MNT and OCN accredited Child Sleep Consultant and have written articles on child sleep for the NCT, Mother and Baby magazine and Mumsnet. I’ve worked with foster carers for social services helping to improve their charges sleep to aid the adoption process as well as various SEN sleep and behavioural courses. I have also delivered child sleep talks to new parents for various health authorities.

Who are we

My name is Nicola, I’m a mother of two with nearly 30 years of varied and sometimes challenging childcare experience. I’ve assisted in managing a Young Persons Unit for young people with severe psychological problems and self-destructive behaviours and spent 5 years helping run a charity in an orphanage in Romania as well as working as a nanny for 8 years.

I was lucky with my first child – she was one of those babies who always slept well without any real thought or effort from me however, my second child was a different story entirely! All the things I’d done with my first baby just didn’t work with her – she just wouldn’t settle and sleep through the night! I was tired and overwhelmed feeling like I was doing everything wrong and at the time (nearly 14 years ago) there was very little help or advice out there other than just shutting the door and leaving her to cry. I eventually decided something had to change as I couldn’t be the parent I wanted to be whilst being so exhausted. I did my own research and went back over my child psychology modules from university before writing myself a plan to teach her to self-settle and sleep through the night.


I was over the moon when it worked – my whole life changed and improved just from those extra few hours of sleep! A friend in the same boat asked if I’d help her do the same so we worked on a plan for her 2 year old and got him sleeping happily again. It made me so happy to help someone else achieve great sleep so I decided to look into official training so I could qualify to help others and so Child Sleep Solutions was born. Word got round quickly to families with similar questions looking for solutions. Since starting Child Sleep Solutions, I’ve helped thousands of children, their parents and carers, in the UK and worldwide, to get a better night’s sleep

Locations we cover

I’m based in Chislehurst in Kent/South East London but consultations can be tailored to suit any location. I’ve provided help to families as far afield as New York, Sydney and Delhi.

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