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Maia's story

Cute Toddler

At 7 months Maia had always been a great night time sleeper, sleeping through the night from 3 months old. However, she really struggled throughout the day to nap, sometimes powering on through with just the odd power nap here and there. Her parents, Jaspal and Harjinder were finding it hard to get anything done in the day and more importantly were finding that Maia was fractious and unhappy for most of the afternoon each day and seemed constantly exhausted.

They contacted Child Sleep Solutions after a day of only 20 minutes of nap time and a bedtime of exhausted screaming.

During their consultation Nicola explained that some babies really struggle with naps and that most babies (and adults) use a different part of their brain to control night time settling versus daytime settling so their issue wasn’t uncommon. They worked out a schedule to aim for, including when to fit in solids and milk as well as what to aim for when naps are short. They discussed how to lengthen the naps and identified some trouble shooting pointers too.

Within days her naps improved and after the 4 weeks working together Maia was managing 3 naps a day with total sleep of over 2 ½ hours and a much happier baby and parents.

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