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Personal stories of families who have benefited from our advice

Please read a few beautiful success stories from families who have contacted Child Sleep Solutions and have made a difference to their personal and family lives.

Curious Girl


10 months


5 months


4 years old


2 years old

Kid with Pacifier
Cute Toddler_edited.jpg

James and Adam

2 years old


17 months


7 months

Matteo and Constance

4 months

Sleep solutions tailored for everyone

Sleep benefits you and your child. You both are happier and your days will glow. If you are interested in how to improve yours and your child's days have a look at the various ways we can support you.

​​We are based in SE London and 98% of our services are easily offered on Video calls. Home visits are possible but it would depend on distance and time needed.

Please get in touch and we can work from there.

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