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James and Adam's story

James and Adam slept fairly well as babies but when they learnt to climb out of their cots at 2 years old their parents, George and Ellie decided to move them into beds. Immediately bedtime became a disaster zone with both boys running around refusing to cooperate and then finishing with them getting up and out of bed every time their tired parents tried to leave the room.

They contacted Child Sleep Solutions after a bedtime of 10.30pm, a night waking and then a 5am start.

The first thing they discussed with Nicola was how to calm the bedtime routine down and take back control. They then worked out how to calm the twins down and keep them in their beds to settle to sleep at a reasonable hour and decided to implement the same strategies with any night or early waking. It was tough for all at first as the boys pushed back hard but George and Ellie stuck at it with support from Nicola and things gradually improved. In just over 3 weeks the bedtime routine was back to being organised chaos and the boys were settling well and sleeping through until after 6am.

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