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Matteo and Constance's story

Rhea and Greg had got their twins into a good routine from a few weeks old to allow them to cope with the demands of 2 babies and a toddler. However, when the 4-month sleep regression hit everything unravelled within a matter of nights. The couple rarely got a solid block of sleep and not even an hour at a time some nights as one twin would settle as the other one woke.

It was a completely unmanageable situation and their health, relationship and toddler were all being negatively impacted.

During the consultation with Nicola, a plan was devised to get the babies self-settling which was the key to getting things back on track. The bedtimes became easy first and the night waking gradually shifted later and later until they were sleeping well. By 5 ½ months, they were sleeping through the night leading to a happier family all round.

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