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Our approach

Child Sleep Solutions can help with any sleep problems and have packages to suit all issues and all budgets. We are not staunch supporters of any one approach and strongly believe that any sleep training methods must always be tailored to suit the individual child and family.

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Hear from past families

Every problem is unique just as each of our children are.

Here are a few examples of families I have had the pleasure of helping.

Curious Girl

Katie's Story

After over two years of night waking, Rachael and Andy realised that Katie's sleep problems were not going to sort …

Image by Katie Emslie

Grace's Story

Grace aged 5 months had been a very good sleeper, but quite a fractious baby. However, once the screaming and colic phase …

Image by Lawrence Crayton

Gabriel's Story

Gabriel, aged 10 months had never been a great sleeper but …

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Our goal is to help improve your whole family's sleep and

work towards achieving a well-rested, happy household.

Below are some questions Nicola has helped families with.

You can find more information about how Nicola can help you on the Sleep Solutions page or Top Tips.


Find your inner peace

Types of advice we provide

We have a package to suit different levels of advice. We are flexibile and offer the right support you need.

Here are some common habits to adapt which can be just the change you need.

If you recognise the issue and just need support on how to change just that one thing. Then find the package for you.

If it is all overwhelming and you need a matrix of advice, we have several personal packages for you.

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