I was at my wits end when I came to Nicola at Child Sleep Solutions. My daughter would simply not sleep through the night. Now, after only 3 weeks my husband and I are finally getting a good night’s rest after over 2 years of disturbance. Bliss!

Rachael, mum to Katie aged 2.5

At last I have my happy child back! I thought it was only me and my husband who were suffering with the crippling lack of sleep; but after just 1 week on sleep training with Child Sleep Solutions, we’ve realised how much Joshua was being affected too.

Anna, mum to Joshua aged 8 months

After almost a year of 3-4 hours broken sleep every night, I thought I was doomed to never sleep again.  I was at breaking point when I approached Nicola to help me with my very stubborn 17 month old son who as a result of serious setbacks during his first year, could not self-settle and sleep through the night.  Nicola, I cannot thank you enough for your advice, guidance and constant support. You have been my backbone and I could never have got through this gruelling month without your on-going reassurance. Not only have you provided me with the appropriate techniques but you have given me the confidence to tackle any future issues. You are a godsend and I will never forget the calm that you have restored in my life.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

 Nadine, mum to Nathan aged 19 months

In a few days we had our nights (& bed) back…I have recommended Nic from Child Sleep Solutions to all my friends who all rave about her too. She has made us a happier family.

Sal, mum to Grace 6 months

I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Zac to cry, he seemed so tiny still but I couldn’t cope with being woken every hour or 2 throughout the night anymore. Nicola advised me how to approach things in a really gentle way and I never had to leave Zac to cry. He responded so well and was sleeping through without even 1 feed after 2 weeks! I can’t thank you enough Nicola, he is the happiest baby now and I am the happiest parent too!

Sarah, mum to Zac aged 4 months

I thought it was just a problem with naps but actually their night sleep has completely transformed too! I would highly recommend Child Sleep Solutions to anyone whose child is having problems with sleep.”

Carrie, mum to twins Harry & Lulu, aged 11 months

It was the best £75 I have ever spent! Sleep at last! Thank you so much Nic, I think you may have saved my marriage!

Jess, mum to Sienna aged 5 months

Thank you thank you thank you! We are getting sleep at last. Thank you for not judging me, thank you for your consideration of my feelings as well as Isaac’s, thank you for putting up with me when I bombarded you with questions and thank you for helping me stick to the plan and achieve a full night’s sleep. You are a true godsend and have saved my family!

Pam, mum to Isaac aged 14 months

It has been a miracle! I had given up hope of ever getting a good night’s sleep again until my friend recommended you. Your support has been invaluable and I have seen the benefits in every part of our lives!! Thank you

Louise, mum to Lottie 3 and Henry 1

You are amazing, thanks again for showing us the way to sanity!

Amanda, mum to Esme aged 3

It has been so good to get our evenings back. He goes to bed without a single protest and the other day even asked to go to bed as he was tired! Thank you so much.

Mark, dad to Matty aged 6