Our Packages

Child Sleep Solutions Packages
We specialise in bespoke Child Sleep Solutions. All packages can be tailored to suit you and your child’s individual needs.

  • Basic Package £100 (see below for further information)
  • Premium package £225 (see below for further information)
  • Seminars from £30 per person (depending on size of group)
  • Additional services (see below)

We are dedicated to achieving sleep for all our clients and will do our utmost to ensure this happens.

Basic Package £100

Suitable for parents and carers with general sleep concerns who are confident in implementing suggestions to move forward.

This includes:

  • Initial questionnaire
  • In-depth telephone consultation lasting up to 1 hour identifying the problem and presenting tools and methods to solve them.

Premium package £225

Our most popular package, suitable for most sleep issues.

This includes:

  • Initial questionnaire
  • In-depth telephone consultation to identify and discuss the sleep issues and discuss the various methods you can employ to overcome them
  • A detailed, comprehensive sleep plan with a step by step guide to overcoming the issues identified
  • Support, advice and guidance throughout the implementation of the plan for up to 4 weeks (further support can be arranged on request)
  • A face to face consultation may be arranged dependent on location for an additional fee

Seminar Package

Usually offered to groups of parents and carers within the home; from £30 per person, free to the host. The price is dependent on seminar size and location.

Presentation and discussion on sleep and young children covering the following:

  • Sleep throughout the different stages of childhood
  • Instilling good habits
  • Common sleep problems
  • Overcoming the most common sleep problems
  • Sleep training techniques
  • Q&A session

This is ideal for parents of young children and parents-to-be.

Other services

Also available (priced individually at the time of booking):

  • Face to face initial consultations. Price dependant on location.
  • This is not available at this time.