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  1. I can not thank Nicola enough. My baby suffered from awful reflux and once medicated things got a bit better but once I had a consult with Nicola within days he was sleeping through. Even through teething and illness she helped support me get him back on track. She was so sensitive to our needs and really listened when I described my baby’s personality (and mine) so she could make a plan that worked. A few months on and I still feel the invaluable tools and advice Nicola gave me are just as brilliant. This was the best money I have ever spent and allowed me to get some sleep and work with a clear mind, but even more importantly I noticed by baby becoming calmer and happier in the day and his eating habits improved as he was no longer over tired and cranky. I just can not thank you enough Nicola, you are an angel xxx

  2. Thank you Nicola for supporting us through the sleep issues with our son. I was definitely worried about some kind of sleep training but it was not half as bad as I thought and we are now reaping the benefits. He goes to sleep easily and mostly sleeps through the night. Thank you.

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