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  1. I contacted Nic when my baby was 5 and a half months old as we were struggling with frequent waking at nights and cat naps during the day. After following Nic’s advice and the sleep plan she made for my son we quickly saw improvement and now we have a happy 7 months old (and a happy mummy too!) who goes to bed gladly, falls asleep within minutes and sleeps through the night. Nic is lovely, she would reply to my emails quickly and tweaked the sleeping plan as we went along to better suit my son. Nic’s help and guidance was absolutely priceless and her gentle approach and reassurance gave me the confidence to stick to the plan. Thank you Nic!

  2. I’m so thankful that I was recommended by a friend to contact Nicola for help to sleep train my 8 month old baby, Harry. My husband and I were at our wits end because Harry was waking every 30 – 45 minutes from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am – we were exhausted. Nicola gave me a sleep plan and a daytime plan to follow which supported the issues at night time. Within a week Harry was sleeping through the night and when we did have wobbles Nicola guided us through a solution. We are so grateful to Nicola – I can’t recommend her enough.

    Thank you Nicola – you’re great.

    Heather McGill xx

  3. I want to say a massive thank you Nic! With your support we are enjoying the bliss of a peaceful night. Our baby who was previously waking up 10+ times a night has transformed into a baby who sleeps through the night. We are now better parents as we are not exhausted all the time.
    You were non-judgemental and always at hand to support us through training so thank you again. You truly are a sleep magician!

  4. Thankyou Nicola, for all of your help couldn’t of done it without you. a year and a half of no sleep my toddler shouting through the night constantly waking up every 2-3 hours sometimes not sleeping at all, him having no sleep and me and my partner having no sleep really did make us miserable and tired through out the day. Having you guiding us through step by step really did make a difference i’m not gonna lie it was hard work to start with but i was adamant that i was going to stick to want you told me and wasnt going back, the difference it has made is life changing my son sleeps through the night now which i never thought would of happened i feel better in myself meaning i dont feel tired. I will defintley recommend you to any of my friends or friends of friends would like to say again thankyou so much.

  5. Melanie and Jon Rhodes says:


    Oh what a different one month makes! Looking back I can’t believe how ‘on my knees’ we both were.

    Thanks to you support we now have a little boy who use to wake every three hours, and now sleeps for 12 hours straight (most nights). He knows his little schedule and seems to be loving it. We can’t thank you enough.

    As a result, we now have a happier little boy. We are starting to feeling the benefits of more sleep too!

    Thank you for helping to restore our lives and enable me to start to enjoy my remaining mat leave.

  6. Nic I realised I completely missed our last day of support, and work has been so busy I have been meaning to message – just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your support, I saw your name recommended so many times online and just took the plunge but I never honestly thought it would work. I’m sure my friends won’t mind me saying how much we discussed that our babies just didn’t want to sleep, and you have made that happen.
    My sister told me I can read online what to do and perhaps she was right but I honestly couldn’t have done it without you by our side , you are amazing and the support you give is amazing

    Thanks again, and a very merry Christmas to you! Speak again when we get to baby number 2 xxx

  7. We are so grateful for Nic’s help which has totally transformed our son’s sleep! When i look back at where we were only a month ago with constant disturbed nights i can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short time. When i first contacted Nic hoping for improvement i was thinking of less wake ups/easier settling and didn’t actually imagine that Freddie sleeping through would be the outcome but here we are! Her plan has been great and started having a positive effect after just a few nights. Nic’s support was great too, she’s always so quick to respond and it definitely helped me stay on track and keep confidence in the plan to be in touch. Thank you so much, what a huge difference you’ve made to our family.

  8. Thank you, Nic, for your amazing sleep training. It has totally transformed our lives within a matter of weeks, our daughter (and we!) has been sleeping through the night since she was 4 months old (ie 1-2 weeks after we started). She is the happiest, smiliest and most content little person and we are adamant this is hugely thanks to her getting enough sleep.
    Nic is the most generous, supportive, encouraging and kind sleep trainer, and I feel so very lucky that our paths crossed!
    Next time, when we’re lucky to have another baby, we’ll be in touch sooner 🙂 thanks a lot again xxx

  9. Such a life-changing decision! Our son was regularly taking 2 hours to settle at night and fall asleep, and he was waking up multiple times during the night. After a detailed discussion with Nicola, she quickly identified several issues in our sleep routine, and set up a plan to help Ernest settle by himself and fall asleep without our help. She has been such a fantastic coach, giving us encourgements when we needed it, and making sure we kept going with the plan. Now Ernest falls asleep on his own every night, and does not need us in the room at all anymore. He also does not wake up during the night any more. We got our life back!

  10. Dorota and baby Natalia says:

    Our little girl wasn’t sleeping much, she was waking up frequently at night and usually only catnapping during the day. She was overtired and it was getting more and more difficult to settle her to sleep. It had a pretty awful impact on me too since I couldn’t catch up on sleep during the day to make up for all these frequent night wake ups…We decided to use Nicola’s help and it was invaluable! Our girl now sleeps over 11h at night and even if she wakes up she resettles on her own! The daytime naps have also improved considerably. And what’s most important our baby is much happier and we are much happier 🙂
    Implementing the sleep training was tough at times and I was actually close to giving up on few occasions. But throughout the entire process Nicola was very informative and supportive. She was always quick in getting back to me when I had any questions. We would very happily recommend Nicola’s services 🙂

  11. I have used Nic for both my children, because she is such a life saver. I used her for my now three year old when she was 8 months old and still waking three times a night to be fed, and just recently for my five month baby who was waking countless times and sapping me of all energy. Nic is pragmatic, positive and super supportive, and within a few days I saw a dramatic change in my five month old’s sleeping and he is now sleeping through the night!!! I feel like a new person and a better mother as a result. I am extremely grateful to Nic and can’t recommend her highly enough (and for the record, my three year old remains an excellent sleeper thanks to our earlier work!).

  12. What a game changer! I no longer dread the bedtime routine & that’s thanks to Nicola at Child Sleep Solutions. I’m so very grateful for all her advice & suggestions. It felt a little daunting at first but I’d reached the point where I would do anything for a night of unbroken sleep. I was trying to stop breastfeeding around the time of contacting Nicola & not only did she solve the sleep issue, she also gave me the kick I needed to ween Jude off the breast. When he woke during the night, breastfeeding seemed the only way to settle him back to sleep but he wasn’t hungry, he just wanted comfort. The first few nights of the sleep training were tough, very tough but after a few nights he was no longer using my breast for comfort, I reassured him in other ways, gently placed my hand on his back or stroked his head, I made him feel safe whilst resisting the urge to pick him up for a cuddle unless absolutely necessary. Nicola’s plan has worked wonders for us & Jude has a much more structured bedtime routine & sleeps from around 7pm until 6-7am. I cannot recommend Child Sleep Solutions enough. Thank you!

  13. We have contacted Nicola on three separate occasions now, firstly to get our daughter sleeping through that night, at 21 months old! Which saved us completely! And then when she was 2 and we thought her nap was affecting her night sleep, and again just after 2 to advise on the cot to bed transition. On each and every occasion Nicola was nothing but wholeheartedly supportive, caring and her advice worked like absolute magic. We are not sure what we would have done without Nicola’s amazing advice. She is a real star. And a lovely woman to deal with, genuinely caring. Would not hesitate to highly highly recommend her. Thank you Nicola for everything you have done for our family

  14. Nicola, thank you for all your help and advice – it’s truly been invaluable. Our baby has gone from co-sleeping and regularly waking and feeding (sometimes every 45 minutes) during the night to sleeping in his own room for 12 hours at night – plus daytime naps!

    He’s happier and so are we. He knows what to expect and sometimes even gets excited for sleepy time!

    I now have time to devote to other things which means our overall quality of life has improved beyond measure.

    When I think of all the stuff that parents can waste their money on with babies, including so-called sleep aids, the investment in Nicola is a no-brainer.

    I have already recommended her to several parents.

  15. Charlotte Oliver says:

    Being able to plan my day because I know Freya will nap has been a game changer! I get so much more done, but the best bit about it is how happy she is because she has had enough sleep. The dummy went almost as soon as we started sleep training as she learnt to self sooth without it and was so happy the rest of the time that she didn’t need it. Thank you so much Nicola for getting my baby to nap, you listened to what we were comfortable with doing and made a plan that was easy to follow and got almost immediate results! Thank you

  16. Annie Jarvis says:

    Nicola is magic! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Our son Dylan was waking through the night (every two hours, hour or sometimes every 45minutes) and getting up at 5am. Like clockwork. He would only nap in the pram so we were traipsing round the streets for hours like zombies to get him to sleep. We had tried everything (including another sleep consultant) and were resigned to just feeling bone-shatteringly exhausted FOREVER! We chatted with Nicola who was super understanding and sympathetic and lovely and started working on our plan. We saw a change straight away. The plan was simple, easy to understand and it worked! Nic’s been on hand with advice or tips if we’ve had any questions. We’re not even three weeks in and he sleeps through the night and naps in his cot twice a day. We have a much happier baby and he has much happier parents. It’s actually changed our lives. THANK YOU NICOLA! You’re a miracle worker! There is not enough space on this form to say how grateful we are. Annie, Jon and baby Dylan.

  17. Catherine says:

    Nicola is absolutely wonderful. Our daughter was waking at 4am for months on end no matter what we tried and wouldn’t nap in the cot (or much at all). We were exhausted and out of ideas. After our consultation with her within a few days our daughter was sleeping later and a few weeks on she’s routinely sleeping until after 6am and even later some days! Plus she’s back napping in the cot and doing decent stretches. It has made a massive difference to our lives and it is a relief to know our daughter is getting the sleep she needs too. Nic is knowledgeable, empathetic and very quick to respond to queries. Thank you so much for your help!

  18. Sophia Hossain says:

    In terms of review we’d like to thank you so much for the huge change to our lives. It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago, we had a toddler of 20 months old who had never slept at all well. Before we contacted you, the most recent pattern had been of needing to stay with A for probably an hour until she fell asleep. She would then wake screaming 5 or so times a night, so we would bring her into our bed (out of sheer exhaustion) and she would feed on me for most of the night and often sleep on top of me, meaning I was getting only a few hours very very broken sleep per night. We’d somehow tolerated awful sleep since A was born. Our world is so different now through your incredible help. We now put her in her cot after her night routine, and she can get herself to sleep and stays in her cot all night long, until she wakes in the morning. The morning wake up time can vary, but hopefully we can work on improving this and we would most certainly seek your help again should we need. We feel like new people! We felt like we had a friend on board during the support period, you always responded so quickly and your manner is incredibly kind and caring and that made a huge difference to how we felt making the changes. We can’t thank you enough. We actually can’t quite believe the change, not sure it has sunk in that we now have an evening to ourselves and a long patch of uninterrupted sleep! Thank you so much for everything you have done.

  19. Our one year old was waking up every one to two hours every night – and for the last year a four hour stretch of sleep was a rare treat. After following Nicola’s plan, our son now goes to sleep with no crying for 11 hours every night! It really is quite amazing. Nicola was always on hand to answer any questions, no matter how silly they seemed, and we immediately saw improvements. I would definitely recommend Child Sleep Solutions if you are in need of better sleep for both you and your baby.

  20. I cannot recommend Nicola highly enough. She has transformed sleep for us. Our 4 month old was waking every hour at night needing to be fed back to sleep, and had to be held and bounced on an exercise ball for all his naps. We approached Nic and she wasn’t phased by anything. She was so thorough in her assessment of our son’s sleep and what we as parents felt was feasible, and produced a sleep plan for us the very same day. By night 2 he was sleeping through the night, and it’s taken a bit longer to get naps sorted but he is now putting himself to sleep in his cot for all his naps and sleeping through the night. I could never have imagined it would be possible! Nic really knows her stuff and always took my concerns or questions seriously and got back to me really quickly whenever I emailed. If you’re considering seeking her help – just do it. She is brilliant.

  21. Claire Hobbs says:

    A big thank you to Nic who supported us in getting our second daughter sleeping through the night and so much more painlessly than I had expected. We went from being woken at least hourly through the night to 8pm til 6.30/7am for the last 4 weeks now. Much happier more functional family! Nic always answered my many questions quickly and gave us the confidence to get our little girl sleeping well. Thank you!

  22. Amazing service and amazing results! I cannot believe we have gone from being woken every hour to 12 hours a night every night from our twins. We cannot thank you enough!

  23. Hi Nicola, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your support over the past couple of months. With your help, we have come so far since I first spoke to you when Eva would only fall asleep feeding and had zero routine to speak of! Your support also kept me sane when the nights went haywire a few weeks ago and I’m pleased to say that Eva is now routinely sleeping through. In particular, I would never have been brave enough to stop the night feed if we had been doing it by ourselves but it is clear now that she is easily capable of going without it and it was the cause of all the wakings. I also really appreciated how quickly you responded to my many many questions! Thank you again for all your help. I can genuinely say we couldn’t have done it without you!

  24. We can not thank Nicola enough! We had a toddler who never slept more than a few hours before waking, wouldn’t stay in her cot and needed milk and holding to settle. This meant we were in different beds every night and quite frankly we were completely broken. We now have a two year old who sleeps through in her own cot and we have our bed back!

    Nicola was incredible right from the first conversation. The plan she gave us was tailored to our needs and simple to follow. She was always there to answer questions, offer support and generally just keep us positive!

    I’ll be honest – I was very skeptical. I was convinced our daughter was just a baby that ‘didn’t sleep’. How wrong I was!!! If you listen to Nicola and learn from her you WILL get results.

    We now have our sleep back! Thank you Nicola. I genuinely don’t know what we would have done without your fantastic knowledge and support.

  25. Georgina Barker says:

    Thank you is simply not enough. From the first moments of speaking with Nicola, I felt totally at ease & able to open up about the struggles myself & little one had faced in the past two years. Joshua was two & a half years old when we began the sleep training & following every word of Nicola’s plan, I was able to take on what at the time seemed such a huge step into the unknown.
    One of the biggest problems we had was that he was only able to fall asleep if he was physically holding my bra strap, within a few days of Nicola’s plan we were entering a new territory of Joshua being able to fall asleep without holding onto me, never did I think we’d see the day. Within ten days bedtime became something that we both was able to enjoy, from the quiet time doing a puzzle before shower & then swishing the curtains & switching on the new magical red night lights.
    Joshua is a changed little boy & we are now both able to have a full night’s sleep, sometimes the odd hiccup if we’ve slept over at the Grandparents, but like anything; I just say tomorrow is a new day & always refer to Nicola’s notes & start a new the next day.
    I can’t fault Nicola’s service that she has provided, always promptly emailed back & at times when I felt like it was all going wrong, her words always brought me back to the reason we were going through this & the benefits that would come to us if I stuck with the plan.
    We are now able to enjoy more days out as both aren’t so tired & I feel I am a better Mummy for deciding to do this; I enjoy playing more with Joshua & take pleasure in such small things as I’m not constantly tired.
    Thank you once more & I would happily use your services in the future if we should ever need to.

  26. Madeleine says:

    I cannot recommend Nicola highly enough. I was completely confused by a million different approaches to helping my little girl sleep better and Nicola cut through all of the conflicting advice to give me a sensible plan perfectly suited to my specific situation, my parenting style and my daughter’s temperament. I now don’t have to waste time trying to work out what I should be doing, I just get on with doing it! Nicola’s calm confidence has given me the confidence to act on her advice and the whole family has benefitted. Her friendly and humorous approach also makes the whole business of sleeplessness a little bit less horrific!

  27. Dawn Roy says:

    My son was 3 years old when we got in touch with Nicola. We had never experienced a good period of sleep or even a good night’s sleep since he was born. I was very nervous to seek help because I was worried I’d be told to do something I couldn’t manage eg controlled crying. However, Nic devised a plan that worked for both my husband and I. We were in it together and that made a huge difference to us (it’s easy to become at loggerheads when you’re sleep deprived for that long) and this also had a positive influence on Sonny too. I didn’t feel guilty because the sleep training was gentle and Nic helped changed my perception that what I was doing was not mean but crucial to the households happiness. I found knowing that Nic was there gave me confidence I didn’t know I had. Nic always replies quickly to emails and I’m so glad we got in touch. It’s made a big difference to everyone in the house. Thank you Nic.

  28. James French says:

    Nicola already helped us out a couple of years ago when our son was 12 months old and completely fixed his sleep issues (he’s now nearly 3 years old and sleeps perfectly). So when we realised our 6 month old daughter was also having issues with sleep we didn’t hesitate in calling Nicola. It was quite clear our daughter required a different routine to our son and Nicola took all this into consideration when creating a plan which worked alongside the routine for our 3 year old.

    I’m pleased to say that after 2 weeks of following this plan our 6 month old is now sleeping perfectly from 6.30pm-6pm. She also has a nice chunky 2 hour nap every afternoon. We feel human again thanks to Nicola!

    Seriously if you are reading this long list of amazing client feedback and still wondering whether to get in touch with Nicola- just do it. You can’t put a price on getting good quality sleep, but if you could it would be significantly more than what Nicola charges!!

  29. Laura & Dan says:

    Nicola saved us from insanity!! After having always been a pretty solid and independent sleeper, our youngest son, age 3, suddenly stopped sleeping and would wake up every 1-2 hours and get up for the day at 4/5am. After a few exhausting months of trying various changes, we knew we needed help and a friend recommended the fantastic Nicola.

    After a long and thorough Skype call to understand what was going on, the nature of our little boy, our concerns, the layout of his bedroom etc, Nicola devised a plan to get him back on track – and within just 3 nights he was back to sleeping all the way through the night and being easy to put to bed!! On the odd occasion he has woken in the night he is super-easy to resettle, and genuinely enjoys his bed again.

    We were so surprised how quickly the techniques worked and cannot thank Nicola enough for everything she did. We fully agree with earlier comments about how helpful and reassuring the ongoing support that Nicola provides is – it feels like a team effort, and gives parents the confidence to know that they are doing the right thing.

    At the same time as working on our youngest son, Nicola also helped us with our older son, age 6, who relied on us being with him to go to sleep and had started waking early in the morning. Being older, it took a little longer and was met with more resistance, but 3 months on and he is now very happy to be left to go to sleep, does not get out of bed, and stays in bed until 7am – quite a journey for him, and we get such better behaviour from him now he’s getting good sleep.

    Thank you Nicola, we cannot recommend you enough!! xx

  30. Can’t recommend Nicola enough. Our 9 month old was waking at 4am every single day. Nicola was very upfront and warned this this one could be an entirely solvable but potentially lengthy problem. Her honest but confident manner was immediately reassuring. She also came up with guidance on how to ease our 3 year old through the experience (a small flat issue) as her sleep was also being affected. In fact things improved dramatically within 3 days and still continue to improve – sometimes sleeping even better than the older one! She is so prompt with her responses to queries (and wobbles!) which is just what you need. Best thing we did was call her – for all the family!

  31. Sarah Schneider-Redgrave says:

    I cannot thank Nicola enough for changing our lives! was about to start writing this saying ‘Nicola is a magician!’ But that’s not right. It wouldn’t reflect the depth of her knowledge, the brilliance of her listening skills and her level of understanding of babies’ sleep.
    You can trust that Nicola knows what she is doing. Her professionalism shines through every piece of advice she gives. You also get ongoing support. Nicola responds quickly and always seems to understand what the problem is.

    So what exactly has Nicola done for us? I contacted her when my 3 month old twins suddenly went from sleeping loads (as newborns do) to only having catnaps in the day and a very strong sleep association with breastfeeding.
    They were miserable, I was miserable.

    Nicola listened and did not judge. She came up with a great plan. On top of that you get evidence based information, tips and tricks to help keep you motivated. Upon reading the plan it was evident that it was personalised based on what we had talked about and not something generic.

    I saw results within a few days. And progress has been steady since. My babies are happy again and our family life has improved beyond measure. They mostly sleep through the night and have three naps a day!

    So Thank you Nicola, for being brilliant at what you do!

  32. Nicola, we can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support – working with you really did change our lives. Our son (6months at the time) was getting up every 1-2 hours a night and we’d reached a point where we didn’t know what to do. You provided a sensible plan, that felt kind and allowed us to be confident in implementing. Most valuable was your advice and quick response in the weeks after starting the plan. Definitely kept me sane and reassured! And within four nights, our son slept through for the first time! I never thought it would happen for us! Going forwards not every night is perfect (teething, illness and development leaps all make a difference), but the main difference is we have the tools to know what to do in any situation and feel confident that we’ll soon go back to sleeping through.
    Honestly, if you’re thinking of working with Nic, don’t hesitate! It was the best thing we did, for our son and ourselves! Thank you again, you’re a ledge 🙂 x

  33. We went to Nicola on a recommendation after struggling with our toddler not sleeping well for months. We thought we were doing all the right things to get him to sleep but to no avail. He took an age to put to bed and then was awake every few hours through the night, sometimes taking 2 hours to settle. We were nervous about making big changes as neither of us could bear to let him cry.

    Nicola designed a “gradual retreat” plan for us and made some small but significant changes to his bedtime routine and within 3 nights we saw an improvement. After 2 weeks he was sleeping through the night and after 5 weeks was staying in bed in the morning too. This seems nothing short of miraculous to us and we’re just sorry we didn’t get help sooner.

  34. I contacted Nicola when my daughter was 8 months old and I could no longer cope with being woken up three or more times a night. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to fix it, was panicking how I’d manage the return to work and was on the verge of resigning myself to being a sleep deprived zombie for the next few years.

    Nicola was so reassuring and upbeat that we could sort it out. She gave me a new schedule to follow and we talked through a range of sleep training tactics from very gentle to braver methods and I picked the one I felt I and my daughter could manage.

    The results were amazing. Within just a couple of days on the new schedule I noticed a real improvement in her sleeping, in a couple of weeks she was sleeping through the night, and is now doing this consistently – sleeping through from 7pm to around 7am or 7.30am. And the whole process was much easier than I’d imagined. I’m so grateful to Nic for her support, empathy and bringing sleep once more to me and my husband. I honestly can’t thank you enough and wish I had contacted you much earlier. I’m recommending you to everyone!

  35. I arranged a phone-consultation with Nicola after my 17-month-old daughter hit a horrendous sleep regression. I think I knew in my heart that I needed to re -sleep train, but the phone call gave me the confidence I needed to go ahead. Nicola was so understanding and helpful. Thank goodness, my daughter is sleeping great again!

  36. Kaya Ramesh says:

    Our daughter was just over 2 when we contacted Nicola. She was always a bad sleeper often needing our help to fall asleep, waking up without fail at least once a night keeping awake for an hour or more, starting her day at 4.30am and never willing to nap anywhere other then in the car, pram or in front of the TV. I often beat myself up for her bad habits. After what felt like an eternity of broken sleep, incapacity to functioning properly with two small children and noticing my little one being very cranky due to the lack of sleep, we went with the several recommendations we had for Nicola. 3 families we knew used her services and wore by it.
    Nicola was so friendly and empathetic. She took the time to understand the exact issues, understanding our needs and put a very comprehensive plan together. It was so detailed we knew what we were going into. She provided tremendous support throughout the process, it felt as though she held our hands all along. We couldn’t have done this without her guidance and encouragement.
    Our daughter now has no dummy (which she was heavily reliant on day and night), goes to bed happy, sleeps through the night and wakes up refreshed. We have also managed to teach her to nap in her cot during the day time. Something that seemed impossible only weeks ago. We saw a big difference in our little one within 3 day of the training.
    I can’t recommend Nicola enough. She has made me feel alive again.

  37. Charlotte Mahon says:

    My husband and I had Nicola round for a home visit in Feb 2017 to help with our boy & girl twins’ sleep who were waking throughout the night and only settling back to sleep with being nursed. The same for naps too.

    Nicola was very understanding, non judgemental and sincere. She helped us get into a suitable routine and put in place a plan to help settle the twins back to sleep at night.

    It took perseverance but within 2-3 weeks we had completely cracked it. Our twins were 7.5 months at the time, are now 14 months and still sleeping fantastically. Thank you so much 🙂

  38. I’ve been crafting this message in my mind for ages and have been too superstitious until now to commit it to the World Wide Web! But the time has come…..

    Nicola is quite simply the only person you should contact if you have an issue with your baby/child’s sleep. I had spoken to a few other ‘sleep specialists’ who advised things I wasn’t comfortable with – like just feeding formula – and I’d read every sleep site online and tried to apply as many of the different theories as possible to my now 11 month old daughter. And nothing worked, she woke multiple times through the night – often not for food and sometimes wouldn’t settle for hours, she woke early and her naps were all over the place. I was a sleep deprived, paranoid wreck and couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Then came Nicola and I finally felt like someone was looking after things and holding my hand through the mess that is trying to get your baby to sleep when you have literally run out of energy (and therefore revert to everything you shouldn’t – rocking, patting, feeding, co sleeping etc…) just so you can sleep.

    From the initial chat I knew we were in good hands, people above have explained the process and ours was no different. My daughter responded well to the methods suggested by Nicola and we began to get to much more predictable nights but still after 4 weeks there were unexplained wakings with long settling times. Nicola was a complete angel through this and responded patiently and incredibly supportively to my many many many questions every day as I tried to pinpoint what the issue was. Nicola worked the issue out (it turns out my daughter really is a sleep anomaly!) and literally from the day we implemented a slightly amended plan, my darling girl has slept through the night (that’s 15 nights and counting now and it’s been super hot so even more incredible!). She still hasn’t managed the later wakings or the more consistent naps but we’re working on them and whereas pre Nicola I’d have panicked at every 30 minute nap or 5:30 wake up, I now know that even if the day takes a while to come together, we’ve got the nights which means that I get sleep and am rested and can be the mum I really want to be.

    To reiterate the people above, my only regret is not to have contacted Nicola sooner, she is so kind and thoughtful and encouraging and knowledgeable and unbelievably supportive. Thank you so so much x

  39. Nicola has completely changed our lives. In the space of a few weeks my eleven month old went from sleeping for a few hours at a time and needing to be fed or held to sleep to going down awake in her cot, putting herself to sleep and staying there until the morning. My older daughter has benefitted from Nicola’s routine too. The follow up has been great and Nicola has always responded with helpful advice to my further questions. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  40. Nicola has completely transformed our little girl, Ellie’s, sleep. She had a major sleep regression at about 10 months leading to several months of resisting bedtime, waking several times overnight, often for over 2 hours at a time, and 5am wake ups. We were exhausted and, despite becoming slightly obsessed with reading baby sleep info online, nothing we tried made a difference. We finally called Nicola in desperation when Ellie was 14 months old.

    From the very first phone call, Nicola was brilliant – really warm and reassuring and confident she could make a difference for us. We then had a 90 minute FaceTime consultation and the same day Nicola sent us a detailed 21 day “gradual retreat” plan for us to follow. We were worried about leaving Ellie to cry but Nicola tailored the plan to suit us with that in mind.

    Implementing the plan was a lot easier than we expected and it really helped to have every single detail set out for us. Nicola also responded really quickly to any questions we had while we were going through the plan so we were never stuck wondering what to do.

    Ellie’s sleep dramatically improved from day 1 of the plan and nearly 3 months on, the results have been far better than we ever dared imagine. She now consistently settles herself to sleep calmly at bedtime and sleeps through until at least 6:30am. It genuinely isn’t an exaggeration to say that the plan has changed our lives – both my husband and I have started regularly exercising again for the first time since Ellie was born instead of taking it in turns to catch up on lost sleep! My one regret is that we didn’t contact Nicola sooner!

    Thank you again for all your time and support Nicola. The results have been truly amazing!

    • What a lovely message to read! I am so pleased to hear how much it has changed your lives. She is an absolute star and responded so well! It really was a pleasure.

  41. James French says:

    As our son Jacob reached a year old we had a horrible realisation that over the last nine months we could only remember a handful of nights where he had slept through. Sometimes he would wake up five to ten times a night with inconsolable crying. Everyone keeps telling you it is ‘just a phase’ and they will ‘grow out of it’, but both physically and mentally we were beaten and needed to do something about it.

    We reached out to Nicola and arranged a 90 minute Facetime video consultation. We spent the first half of the call going through our current situation; routine, health and any other issues. Nicola then talked us through a detailed plan, tailored to our needs, that would help establish a better routine for Jacob.

    A month on and Jacob now sleeps through almost every night from 7pm-6.30am and self settles if he (rarely) wakes up.

    We followed Nicola’s plan to the letter and it has meant he no longer uses a dummy ever, has half an hour nap in the morning (@9.30am) and two hours in the afternoon (@1pm) and he seems to really look forward to his bedtime routine. Also we have noticed he is in a much better mood now more of the time. My wife and I are both getting great sleep and it has certainly had a positive effect on our relationship.

    We can’t really thank Nicola enough- we were so impressed with the advice she gave and it has completely changed our lives for the better.

  42. Kim Heffernan says:

    Thank you so much for your expertise and advice Nicola. As you know, we faced three big problems with our 16 month old’s sleep: difficulty getting him to sleep, multiple night wakings and early morning waking. After completing the questionnaire and our telephone consultation we agreed that gradual retreat training would be best for our son. You suggested some changes to our bedtime and nap routines, which had the effect of making us more consistent and getting rid of some bad habits (e.g. screen time too close to sleep time).
    The results have been fantastic. After a few days he was settling better for naps and nighttime sleep and sleeping through consistently. As you predictaed the early waking took a bit longer but after 30 days that was much better too. We now look forward to the bedtime routine rather than dreading it.
    This had had such a big impact on our family life and ability to juggle work and childcare as we’re not exhausted from being up and down with our son all night and sleeping on the floor of our his bedroom. We are so grateful for your help. Thank you!

  43. Rebecca Gall says:

    Our 2.5yr old daughter Ruby was fine at sleeping through the night but her morning wakes were always 4.15 – 5.30… Gruelling! We had a Skype chat with Nicola in September 2016 and were given a range of techniques to try, mainly to persist with the GroClock and then give a reward when she waited for it. Nicola had suggested it could take four months work to fully fix our mornings and sure enough, it was Christmas when things finally fell into place. We were gradually able to set the clock later and later, finally reaching the ultimate goal of her actually waiting till 7am! Thank you Nicola, for giving us our mornings back!

  44. I just want to echo all the glowing recommendations about Nicola, as my own recent experience has been extremely positive and a total success. My 6 year old Aaron who had previously been a good sleeper, started waking on and off throughout the night & calling out that he was scared. We fell into the easy trap of cuddling up with him to make him feel safe, which with hindsight made the problem worse. I was unsure if it was even purely a sleep problem as he was also scared in the daytime, however on talking it through with Nicola I felt optimistic that her strategies might work.
    Fairly quickly we stared seeing positive results and several weeks down the line we had a child that once again slept through the night. It’s not been without the occasional lapse, but each time we’ve managed to get back on track with the techniques we have learnt from her.
    I cannot thank Nicola enough for her support, guidance and empathy, without which we would be knackered & grumpy parents at our wits end!
    Thank you so much xx

  45. Our three year old had always been an excellent sleeper, but it all fell apart a few months ago when he started refusing to go to bed unless one of us was with him, and waking up multiple times in the night, sometimes waking our baby. After 3 months of this I arranged a phone consultation with Nic after seeing a recommendation on a local forum.

    She gave us a very clear, tailored plan, and planned for every eventuality, striking the right balance between sensitivity and toughness. The sleep training had a profound effect on our son from the get-go, and the first few days were tough, but he stopped waking up after 4 days. A month later, he is going to sleep by himself with minimal fuss and sleeping through every night.

    The best £90 I’ve ever spent!

  46. Laura Charalampidou says:

    I can’t recommend Nicola enough! My daughter now 9.5 months old sleeps though the night (11-12hrs) without waking up! We had our consultation and a tailored sleep plan put together by Nicola when Eleni was 8 months old and it worked miracles! It was hard at the beginning but the motivation that Nicola gave me was driving us forward and only couple weeks after we started doing it my daughter just went from waking up 3-6 times a night to 1 time and then to 0!!! No more night feeds. Eleni has a wonderful daily routine which she enjoyes herself so much and ALWAYS self settles which no-one could fault!

    Thank you for your amazing help Nicola – you are a real sleep fairy! I am bragging about you to everyone I meet!:)

  47. Dear Nicola,

    We reached a bit of a milestone last night when Violet slept through for the 28th time in a row…I never thought I would say that! 4 weeks of uninterrupted sleep!

    Thank you so much for all of your support, without your sensible, detailed and realistic plan I dread to think where we would be. I had reached the point where I didn’t think Violet would ever sleep through and was waking so frequently, it was pure torture. I remember reading a testimonial on your website that said their baby had slept through the night for the first time and I thought “I want to be able to say that too!” and now I can. It is so very comforting to go to bed without having that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, intimidated by what the night may hold. Most importantly, I don’t find myself resenting my beautiful baby girl, I feel like we worked through it together as a family and Violet always knew I was there for her. Honestly, anyone who is having similar problems should just pick up the phone and call you, they won’t regret it.

  48. I honestly can’t recommend – or thank – Nic highly enough. Our daughter is now 6 months old and from birth had woken 4-6 times a night to feed as well as struggling to nap in the day. It’s fair to say I was at my wit’s end! In less than 2 weeks I now have a baby who gets herself to sleep and goes for 12 hour stretches at night – and we didn’t leave her to cry. Not only is she much more content, I’m parenting so differently now I’m getting sleep; I’m enjoying her, playing with her, I have more energy and patience. I’m a far better partner, and I have started to feel like my old pre-pregnancy self again. Nic’s help has totally transformed our lives!

  49. Thanks to Nic’s support, our 6 month old son self settles at bedtime and sleeps extremely well. We are still getting there with naps and some night waking but things have immeasurably improved from what they were – I can’t thank her enough!

  50. Anne-Marie says:

    Nic helped me through a challenging time. My little Munckin was only 7 months old and the Mister was in and out of hospital (more in than out), for a good 5 months. Nic helped me get my Munckin off the boob and into a cot! It saved my sanity, as i was up every two hours, then out to the hospital. I was on my last legs.

    Although we have now found our own routine (3/4 months down the line), we 75% keep up with Nic’s routine. I cannot recommend her enough.

    Nic was really open and honest, as well as extremely friendly and helpful. Her supportive approach, made me feel like i could ask her anything.

    Don’t hesitate to use Nic if you too need to find your baby’s sleep! And indeed your own.

    Thanks Nic 🙂

  51. Dominic Muphy says:

    We came to Nicola after a recommendation after our 4 month old was constantly waking through the night and would rarely settle for more than 2 hours at a time and without being rocked to sleep. We were in a mess, but Nicola’s advice and plan has seen us transformed. The baby is now sleeping through the night and has been for months and also naps regularly in the day. We have a happy, rested baby and we have our evenings back and have full night’s sleep! Would recommend to anyone who is having these issues.

  52. Nabihah says:

    As a sufferer of anxiety I was beyond scared and nervous to start sleep training my 6 month old who was up every hour of the night, feeding/rocking to sleep and not napping unless on me. I had no idea what to expect and was praying Nicola would be understanding, confident and encouraging as that’s all I needed. I can safely say she was all that and more. I bombarded her (sorry!) with so many questions, she always answered the same day and put my mind at ease. She gave me the confidence to follow through with the training and made crucial changes in my LO’s 24 hour routine, it would be an understatement to say the results have been amazing, I couldn’t be happier. If you’re not sure who to go with or whether to invest in a sleep consultant push your doubts aside and contact Nicola, you will not regret it. I would have paid quadruple the amount had I known the results I would get! I’m happy, which seemed impossible a few months ago, my husbands happy and most importantly my daughter is. I’m enjoying her so much instead of being miserable and sleep deprived.

    Thank you so much Nicola, you’ve been amazing. X

  53. Neil Postlethwaite says:

    Maggie was born with colic which developed into reflux, which meant she couldn’t sleep lying flat. Which meant her mother and I would hold her each night, taking shifts, only getting 2-3 hours sleep each ourselves. We lived like this for five months, fearing we’d be doing this until Maggie was in school (five months of little sleep does strange things to you). We spoke to a number of sleep consultants, and Nicola was the only one to suggest we speak to a doctor about the possibility of reflux before we commit to a sleep consultant. When we finally met with her to discuss potential solutions, her common sense, practiced methods gave us the confidence to teach our daughter the vital skill of self soothing. After only a few days, Maggie was sleeping through the night, always meeting us with a smile in the morning. We keep to the same sleep routine now as we did when we started, and they work every night. We genuinely cannot express how much of a positive change it has made in our lives, and in the life of our wonderful daughter.

  54. With had our consultation with Nicola this week and would highly recommend her to any parent who needs a bit of kind and knowledgable guidance about children’s sleep. We found Nic to be supportive, caring, and considerate of our needs as parents. We never felt as though she was imposing her views upon us, instead she was interested to help us find solutions that fitted with our parenting style and that we would be comfortable and confident implementing. And we’ve had immediate success – by just changing a few areas of our approach we’ve had two mornings where our boy slept later (two from two). This has been very much appreciated and we’re optimistic that his early rising will soon be a thing of the past. Thank you Nic – you were great.

  55. Pre-Nicola, our wonderful but very determined toddler had rarely slept through the night. From very early on, he hated going down – screaming and fighting. We tried everything. We were often co-sleeping just to catch a few hours here and there. Something neither me nor my husband had every contemplated doing!

    Whilst all the babies and toddlers around us seemed to sleep better, we were struggling. I started dreading the nights; putting our baby down became a Herculean effort. During the day, I often felt comatose due to the constant waking up. I felt so dispirited.

    And then Nicola came into our lives.

    Within a week to ten days, we had a baby who slept through the night! Nicola advised us to change our entire bed time routine. Throughout the process, she was compassionate, gracious, encouraging, and intuitive. Not once were we made to feel daft or short-sighted. No question was silly or strange. I felt empowered with Nicola’s plan and strategy.

    Both of us had dreaded implementing the crying out method. The thought of not responding to our beloved baby’s cries filled us with sorrow. Fear not, there are ways around it. Nicola will suggest various techniques and methods, which you are comfortable with. It does take perseverance and discipline, but we did it!

    There is light at the end of the tunnel. If you are that parent who is really down about your baby’s inability to sleep, scratching your head at what you are doing wrong, Nicola will help you. She has made our lives infinitely better.

  56. Parisa Danvers says:

    Nicola got our 8 month old with silent reflux from 1-2 hr nightly wake ups to 10+hrs sleep a night in a handful of nights! I have told every mum I know about her both in person and on Facebook as i hope lots of other exhausted parents & their babies are able to enjoy sleep and become sane and happy again as a result of her brilliance!! Everyone deserves the bliss of sleep and Nicola deserves every glowing recomendation she gets. She’s kind, patient, down to earth and fantastic at what she does!

  57. Gemma Pressman says:

    I was so dubious reading all these comments before I contacted Nic, but I’m very happy to say I can now understand why everyone is raving about her!
    I really thought I’d tried everything with Josh and that there was no way we could break the vicious cycle of him needing milk at night because his reflux was bad and he was refusing solids in the day, resulting in a hungry and poorly baby. I was worried about all the articles I’d read about sleep training and worried how implementing a plan would affect my 2 year old. However, after a year of VERY broken sleep (often being up with him for hours at a time) with the situation deteriorating and that coinciding with my return to work, I was starting to lose the plot and really needed help.
    Within days the situation had improved. By day ten Josh was reliably sleeping through from 7-6. By day 14 he was also napping for about 3 hours a day. I feel a million times better and he’s now eating like a horse, his reflux has improved tenfold and I’m kicking myself I didn’t seek help sooner.
    Thank you! x

  58. Our 6 month old didn’t have too much trouble sleeping, he just had trouble re-settling when he woke in the night, and relied on milk to send him off again. He would also refuse to nap in his cot during the day, which resulted in me going on long walks to get him to drift. Following an extremely helpful and positive phone consultation with Nic, a few recommended changes, and a little bit of heartache as we endured the episodes of controlled crying, he is learning to self-settle and has now slept through the night for a few nights in a row (fingers-crossed it continues)! We have even had to wake him on a couple of occasions…

    We are so pleased that we contacted Nic, and her advice has been invaluable. We would recommend Nic to anyone – however trivial the sleeping/napping issue might be, the difference it makes is significant!

    We just need to find an adult sleep consultant now who can train us to sleep through, and not wake at 4am assuming something is up next door…

    Thank you!

  59. Leon has always been a rather ‘spirited’ baby so it was with trepidation that we contacted Nicola after a recommendation from a family member. After seven months of broken sleep including many where we’d be up with him for hours in the night, it was a relief to speak to someone who could reassure us that sleep training was the best thing for both us and our baby. Within a week of implementing Nicola’s plan there was a vast improvement and he was sleeping through soon after that. For that month Nicola responded to every email within hours and was always professional and reassuring. Two months on Leon sleeps through 11-12 hours most nights even with teething or illness. He actually seems happy going to bed at night time! It really has changed our lives for the better and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nicola to anyone.

  60. Without doubt the best money spent for our daughter’s health and happiness. After 5 months of her waking up to 15 times in the night and napping for 20 minute bursts during the day, we were all exhausted and struggling to cope. Within 2 days she was napping to her routine during the day and sleeping through for a minimum of 8 hours in the night, and reaching the golden, previously unobtainable “sleeping through” point after a couple of weeks.

    Nic’s knowledge, kindness and approachability make her an ideal person to guide any family through the minefield of sleep deprivation and I would return to her in a flash if we encountered any problems with subsequent babies. I’ve also recommended Nic to another friend with a toddler who has seen similar fantastic results in a short space of time!

  61. Lucy French says:

    After nearly 9 months of no more than 3 hours sleep at a time I decided to contact Child Sleep Solutions on the recommendation of another mum. Sophie had been waking up every night at least 3 times a night to breastfeed for a hour each time and I had fallen into the habit of feeding her to sleep every time. After 3 nights of implementing Nic’s plan Sophie was sleeping through the night – and she has continued to do so every night since! I only realise now just how tired and desperate I was! I cannot thank Nic enough for all her advice and support – she truly has changed our lives!!

  62. Amanda Webb says:

    I called Nicola on the back of a recommendation of a friend. I was looking more for advice rather than a solution given my baby was only 4 months old and a sufferer of reflux. I needed words of encouragement, a bit of support and maybe some tips that could help my little one get a more settled night. What I got was a 4 month old that started to sleep 7 to 7 with a dream feed!!! One month on the dream feed has gone and I have a 5 month old that sleeps 12 hours a night!! Nicola is not only a genuinely nice person, she is a miracle worker!! I cannot recommend her enough.

  63. Esha kapoor says:

    My son has never been a good sleeper and at 10 months I was worried he would always wake up and never nap properly. Nicole has been amazing and helped me to encourage longer naps by adjusting my routine and to also encourage Ayan to sleep through the night. She has supported me the whole time and always got back to my emails so promptly. Will miss having Nicole to reassure me but all the advise she has given will help me not only for the present but future also. Thank you so much

  64. It’s amazing how much our daughter has changed in the last month. Before she was sleeping in our bed, nursing all night it seemed, and now she’s sleeping through the night in her crib! She also fell asleep on her own without a peep the last couple of nights (just kissing her goodnight then leaving the room), something I never thought would happen. You’ve not only been so helpful, but so gracious with your quick and thoughtful answers to my questions. You’ve really changed our lives! I can’t thank you enough.

  65. Kristen Gastaldo says:

    After 10 months of our son waking every 3-4 hours, and only going back to sleep while nursing, my husband and I were exhausted. We’d half-heartedly tried several types of sleep training, but lacked the knowledge to be confident in our attempts and were therefore unsuccessful. After speaking with Nicola, we had a plan and felt certain we were doing the right thing.

    The results were amazing. We had one night with regular wakings, but no extended crying – and only one waking the next two nights. By the 3rd night, we had tear-free bedtimes and our son slept through the night with no wakings.

    I would advise (and have!) anyone with sleep issues to call Nicola. The consultation was thorough and the advice was very clear. We never have moments of wondering what we should do and we’re all sleeping better for it!

  66. After a hellish 9 months of consistently terrible sleeping since our daughter was born, we felt hopeless. Over the time we had spoken to several sleep consultants but for one reason or another their advice just didn’t seem to work. A friend recommended Nicola so we got in touch and immediately loved her approach, she took time to understand the kind of parents we were, the approaches we’d be comfortable with and what would work for us and and our baby. She also provided clarity at a time when we were all over the place and couldn’t make decisions and stick to them.

    I thought the day would never come when our baby slept through the night but she actually does now! She even naps for longer than 30minutes which was completely unheard of before. It didn’t happen overnight but with Nicola’s guidance, advice and support we got there!

    We are so appreciative. Thank you Nicola.

    I’m a new, well slept and saner mummy!

  67. Thank you so much for your help with Rayaab. I was dreading the sleep training because of the bad sleep associations we had created but even I didn’t predict the speed at which things have improved. I implemented your suggestions from the bedtime after our consultation and he was sleeping independently for naps and through the night the next day. I cannot believe how dramatically things have changed. Although I had a fair idea of what I had to do, you gave me the reassurance and confidence to see it through. Thank you, so, so much!

  68. Carolyn Argles says:

    Thank you Nic once again! We first used Nic a couple of years ago for sleep problems with our first child. He responded so quickly to the plan we couldn’t believe it and all in all has been a great sleeper ever since. We recently contacted Nic again for different sleep issues with our second. I was more apprehensive this time round about ‘sleep training’ as I am still breastfeeding and was wary of breaking that special ‘bond’ between us as I was feeding her back to sleep every night waking. I needn’t have worried the approach we took worked well and Nic gave us various options depending on how comfortable we felt. Evelyn is now sleeping through and is much happier for it, as are we! And our bond is as strong as ever! Thank you again.

  69. Katherine Arnett says:

    I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for your help!! Ellie is like a different baby and we now wake her up from most naps!

    It’s made a huge difference to Rosie too as we have much more time for her and she’s not being told to be quiet all the time whilst we try and get Ellie to sleep.

    For me, I no longer have ‘the fear’ at bedtime which is amazing!

    Thank you so much, from a very happy household

  70. I really can’t believe how much of a difference you have made to us! Holly is sleeping so well at night and in the day. I no longer dread putting her to bed and the association between sleeping and breast feeding is completely broken. You gave me the tools and more importantly the confidence to do this! Holly is happier, we have got our evenings back and I feel more confident about holly being able to sleep at nursery.
    I cannot thank you enough!

  71. Victoria Evans says:

    I have come to consider Nic and old friend now…we first contacted Nic on recommendation a few years ago about nap training for our first child which she helped us through. Since then we’ve had various ‘bumps’ along the way with both our children. Generally on an email basis Nic has always provided prompt empathetic and solid advice according to the individual needs of our little people which we have applied without hesitation. We are currently enjoying uninterrupted 12hr nights from both our children. Long may it last! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nic to anyone no matter how big or small the sleep problem.

  72. Our son had been rising between 4.30 and 5.30 for most of his little life. At 18 months we finally contacted Nicola, so wish we’d done it sooner. She was amazing – tweaking our routine in a way that worked for us, and within a week he was sleeping beyond 6 and now 3 weeks later to 6.30. Thank you : )

  73. Rachel Sansom says:

    Our 7 month old often woke multiple times for up to an hour each time and woke at 5. After 2 nights of following Nicola’s advice our daughter started to sleep through from 7pm until at least 6am. This has changed our lives and has made our daughter a happier and more settled baby. Nicola was absolutely lovely and made sure I was totally happy and that the detailed plan was tailored to us. Thank you so much, I only wished we had known about you earlier!!!

  74. Every day is different with my six month old and her sleep feels like a constant challenge! But after five weeks of Nicola’s expert help and advice, I have learnt so much and feel well equipped to tackle things moving forward. She held my hand so patiently during a very tough time, and now my baby has forgotten all about her dummy and is finally in a good routine at night and during the day. She is doing so much better and I can’t thank lovely Nicola enough! I would highly recommend her!

  75. Kim Stone says:

    Nicola, you have literally changed my life!!

    My 7 month old was never the best night sleeper, and I had always thought that she’d “grow out of it”. But as the months went on and things never seemed to improve, the sleeplessness started to wear me down. My little girl was waking 4-5 times a night and feeding every time.
    The cycle seemed unbreakable and I was feeling lost and hopeless.

    Nicola was recommended to me, and I wish more than anything that I had contacted her earlier!
    After just one week of following Nicola’s advice, my little one can now sleep through, from 7pm-6.30am. Her naps are now spot on and fussless – even my parent/in-laws can put her down to sleep easily. Even her feeding and eating has massively improved in the daytime.

    Highly recommend – don’t hesitate – it will be the best decision you will have made!!

  76. Helen Gard says:

    Nicola’s advice, guidance and support have given back our sanity and energy. Thanks to Nicola our son now sleeps from 6.30pm to 6.30am and sleeps well during the day. He is happier and so are we. I’d say to anyone who is finding it tough to get their little one to sleep to contact Nicola, she really will be able to to help. Nicola was kind, positive, understanding and massively supportive. My only regret was not getting in touch with her sooner. Thank you Nicola.

  77. Our 11 month old daughter Rosie has slept through the last two nights from 7pm until 6am. She puts herself to sleep in her cot after her books (actually she points at her cot to go in!), and I haven’t heard her at all the last couple of nights. She is much happier and so are we. I think Nic might have literally saved my life, certainly my sanity!! Such a huge change….just over a month ago I was nursing Rosie to sleep on our bed, and feeding her anywhere from 5 to 10 times a night to get her to sleep, and regularly up for a couple of hours in the night. It was horrendous. I thought I was going to collapse with exhaustion most of the time, trying to get my son to school and go to work as well. That we have got to this point in so little time, and without ever having to leave her to cry is just amazing.

    Nicola gave us the plans and most importantly the confidence to achieve this with Rosie. I can’t recommend her highly enough, its the best thing we ever did to get in touch with her and I wish we had done it sooner. If you are reading this and are unsure of whether to consult Nic, do it now. She is lovely to talk to, supportive, never judgemental (I felt I had done all the wrong things to end up in a sleep disaster) and really listened to our problems to develop a plan that suited our parenting style. And she was always on hand to answer questions or just encourage us to keep going. Thank you so much Nic!!

  78. Nicola helped with our 7 week old – he would only sleep in my arms and our family was suffering as a result. My husband was on the sofa and I was a basket case.

    People had told me he was too young to be taught to sleep on his own but Nicola’s techniques really helped him settle in to that. The biggest challenge was his naps – he would only nap for 30-40 minutes and was exhausted in the day time (meaning inconsolable at times).

    With Nicola’s help in extending his naps he was having 4 long naps a day within a couple of weeks. He’s 16 weeks and now has 3 very long naps in the day time and sleeps through the night. With the techniques provided by Nicola I learned when he was tired rather than hungry and I now know how to settle him to sleep with minimal fuss if he does wake early from a nap or in the middle of the night – but 9 times out of 10 he settles himself, which is directly as a result of what I have learnt from Nicola (something that would never have happened before we contacted her).

    The biggest thing I’d like to point out is that Nicola was there every day (often multiple times a day, right Nicola!), even at weekends, to help me through it. I was a nervous new Mum with a tonne of questions – every day or so needing help and reassurance which Nicola provided in bucket loads. I couldn’t recommend her enough, it’s been worth it’s weight in gold for our family. The baby’s sleep has never been better, and we are all much happier. Thanks Nic!

  79. Our little boy, who is 22 months had always been a brilliant sleeper! But after a series of bad ear infections, he began to wake up two or three times a night and often wouldn’t go back to sleep for an hour or more.

    Following an operation to have grommits put in, George’s ear infections stopped, but the night waking had become habitual and continued. George was also very unsettled since the operation and became upset if I left his room once he was in his cot. I was sometimes sat in his room for two hours before he’d go to sleep.

    I tried looking at advice online, but it all seemed very conflicting and confusing. A friend recommended Nicola and I am so pleased she did! After a skype session, Nicola sent me a plan tailored to George and I started to see changes in his sleeping pattern straight away. I also didn’t have to leave George to cry at all.

    Having Nicola’s advice along the way was great and after two weeks, George was happy to go into his cot and for me to leave the room, and he is sleeping through regularly again!

    I would definitely go to Nicola again if our family ever has any sleep problems in the future and I feel much better knowing help is out there! I have my evenings back again and we are all getting a good night’s sleep. Thanks so much, Nicola!

  80. Candy Warren says:

    Nicola I just want to say thank you so much for all your help and advice over the past two years. You’ve helped both my daughters sleep so well I honestly can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend you to all mums and dads who are having trouble with their little one’s sleep habits as you’ve been so understanding and patient with me. My two year old is now in her big bed and sleeps amazingly. My 4 month old has settled into a great routine thanks to your help from week 3 when I was a hormonal wreck!! You helped me remain calm and sane… Thank you SO much!!!!

  81. My husband I were desperate to get our (then) 5.5 month old daughter to sleep properly, instead of the 3-4 feeds a night she was having, and then becoming wide awake at 4.30am!

    Nicola is a lovely lady and has been unbelievably helpful and supportive. She is clearly a real expert when it comes to baby sleep. She gave us a very detailed , bespoke plan for our daughter and within a week she was sleeping 11-12 hours overnight with no feeds. She was always happy to help with advice and suggestions via calls and emails. I can’t stress enough how much Nicola helped our family.

    My only regret is that I didn’t get in touch with her earlier! 🙂 x

  82. Kellie Gread says:

    Thank you so much for your advice and support in shifting my early-waker 20 month old into a much more reasonable-waking toddler! I honestly just thought he didn’t need as much sleep and we were doomed to 5:30 starts, but you gave me confidence that his bodyclock could be changed. We followed your simple instructions and low and behold after 10 days our son now routinely wakes at 6:45, and is much happier, as are we! I really can’t thank you enough.

  83. Hannah Pittam says:

    Hi Nicola,

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with teaching Ben how to sleep. We were both desperately short of sleep and didn’t know what to do. He now sleeps through the night and goes to sleep on his own – hurray!. You gave us brilliant advice and even though he often tries different delaying tactics we now know what we should do in response. Just in time for the arrival of number two!

  84. Our call to Nicola felt like a SOS call as we were in tatters after trying out what felt like a very traumatic training method with another sleep trainer.
    Our son was one year old at the time and waking up to 5 times a night.
    Within a few minutes of speaking on the phone with Nicola i felt totally reassured and that we were in the safest of hands.
    Nicola is amazing because she has a deep empathy for the children and parents she works with. She really took the time listen us and work with us in a way that felt right for us.
    She is so knowledgable about sleep and children and applies this knowledge in a very practical yet sensitive way.
    She was a great source of support during a difficult time and we are very grateful to her.
    Our baby settled down very quickly with Nicola’s advice and soon got the gist of how to sleep through.
    I would recommend Nicola to all parents who are looking for a very knowledgeable and reliable and caring sleep consultant.

  85. Our call to Nicola felt like a SOS call as we were in tatters after trying out what felt like a very traumatic training method with another sleep trainer.
    Our son was one year old at the time and waking up to 5 times a night.
    Within a few minutes of speaking on the phone with Nicola i felt totally reassured and that we were in the safest of hands.
    Nicola is amazing because she has a deep empathy for the children and parents she works with. She really took the time listen us and work with us in a way that felt right for us.
    She is so knowledgable about sleep and children and applies this knowledge in a very practical yet sensitive way.
    She was a great source of support during a difficult time and we are very grateful to her.
    Our baby settled down very quickly with Nicola’s advice and soon got the gist of how to sleep through.
    I would recommend Nicola to all parents who are looking for a very knowledgeable and reliable and caring sleep trainer.

  86. Neil & Michelle says:

    Hi Nicola,
    I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the advice and guidance you gave me. Eva is now a very good little sleeper – it did take time for us to get there with naps, but we all have in the end.
    With everyone now sleeping through the night, it has really changed our lives. The benefits of good sleep have been endless for Eva – she now has a healthy appetite, wakes up happy and smiling and is full speed ahead in her development!

  87. Stay @ home dad says:

    Nicola, thank you for saving my marriage and my sanity! We are all getting so much sleep and I hardly know what to do with myself in the evenings now. WE cannot thank you enough. And even more importantly our children are transformed!! They are actually not the moany, high maintenance kids I thought they are, they have just been tired like me for a long time. We owe you everything, thank you!

  88. Nikki & Paul Mulvey says:

    We thought we were the luckiest parents as our two year old had always been a perfect sleeper. Unfortunately something changed and we had weeks of broken sleep, we tried a number of things and were forever looking for solutions on the Internet (whilst awake at 3am)! Nicola was recommended to us and we were so glad that she was, thanks to her understanding, knowledge and approach we soon had our daughter back to sleeping through the night.

  89. I just wanted to write and say the hugest thank you for your help a month ago. Two days after our call, things started to improve and, after a week, Ben was sleeping through the night (rather than being awake for 4 hours most nights) and day time naps have been a breeze ever since. Amazing what a difference a phone call and a few simple changes has made to the happiness of this household!. I was dreading a three day trip away from home and was sure Ben would be waking every guest in the hotel but he was so settled in his new routine, even a change of location didn’t affect him. All in all, the best £75 I have spent since he was born and I have recommended you to loads of friends already. Can’t thank you enough!

  90. Nicola you have been amazing!! I cannot thank you enough for turning my life around and helping my children get a good nights sleep. I feel like I’m starting this whole parenting business afresh and as a new, happier mum so from the bottom of my heart thank you x

  91. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family. Life is infinitely happier since we are all getting some sleep and my daughter is a different child – far fewer tantrums, happier to do as I ask, going into nursery happily…the differences are endless both to her, me, my husband and even my son. She has gone from waking for literally hours at a time at night to sleeping AT LEAST 12 hours a night without a peep! You are truly a miracle worker and I feel like I can start living life again rather than just existing so thank you from the bottom of my heart x

  92. We had all the sleep problems you could think off, night waking , early riser, a child who needed me to be there until he fell asleep both at nap time and bed time . I was really desperate to have my sleep back i was feeling like a zombie and I had a grumpy tired child, that was until I spoke to Nicola.

    Think you so much for your advice and guidance , I never thought it was achievable but we now have a child that settles himself to sleep at nap time and bedtime , no more night wakings and a child who no longer wakes up at 430-5am . I now have a child who sleeps through 7pm – 7am I didn’t think it was possible but you have transformed our lives.

    Thankyou for being a miracle worker x

  93. Hannah Pittam says:

    Thank you so much for the brilliant advice and support you have given us. Our lives have been totally changed. Before we contacted you our 21 month son had never slept more than 3 or 4 hours in a row. 6 weeks on he is relaxed when he goes to sleep and sleeps through the night. Amazing! Nicola kept me on track whilst being sensitive to my anxieties. Thank you!!

  94. We’ve worked with Nic twice now – once when our daughter was 6 months old (through a seminar format) and more recently now she is two and a half (with a private consultation at our house). Initially she was struggling to go to sleep in the cot both for naps and in the evening. More recently she has been waking up repeatedly during the night for months on end. With a newborn to look after too we were all exhausted.

    Both times Nic’s advice and non-judgemental support have reaped rewards very quickly – within 3 days in the first instance and 1 night on the second. Whilst we think our daughter’s sleep will always be erratic we now feel that we have the tools we need to help her. We only wish we had been in touch again sooner!

    Thanks Nic. You provide an invaluable service and I will continue to recommend you to friends.


  95. Elinor Vasiliou says:

    I hadn’t slept longer than 2 hours in 6 months. Our stair carpet was wearing thin from the double-figure trips I was making to resettle our daughter throughout the evening – sometimes only 5 minutes after going down! Breastfeeding on demand as a newborn had morphed into having to feed her to sleep. Every. Single. Time.

    Then we met Nicola and everything changed.

    She taught us how to correctly do the sleep training we’d tried and failed at, and suggested some simple practical changes to our bedtime routine. Within 2 days our daughter was sleeping better and now, a month on, I say goodnight at 6.30pm and hello again at 6am.

    She has totally changed our lives. If you’re uhmming and aahing about whether to call Nicola, stop it and call her now. It will be the best money you’ve ever spent.

    Thank you Nic!

  96. Jo Taylor says:

    We contacted Nicola on a recommendation and we weren’t disappointed! At 4 months our daughter had started waking every two hours in the night and I knew I was getting in to bad habits but didn’t know what to do to fix it! After speaking to Nicola, and following her advice and guidance to the letter we saw immediate results and in 3 nights she was sleeping through the night and has done ever since – I couldn’t believe it!! I felt really nervous before speaking to Nicola but she was great, very supportive, didn’t judge and gave me the confidence to help our little girl learn how to get to sleep on her own. I would highly recommend Nicola! Thanks again x

  97. Sarah Johnson says:

    We were lost in a fog of over-tiredness and over-reading. We knew we had to teach Maceo to sleep but we couldn’t agree how and I was worried I was going to traumatise my baby. Nicola was fantastic! She provides a service that is extremely thorough, professional and very compassionate. It was so good to have someone we could speak to on the phone in the morning to discuss the previous night’s adventures – without her support there is no way we have been able to see it through. Now we have a baby who is well rested, has great sleep skills and we can’t believe the days of walking with the buggy at 2am are over!! Thank you Nic!

  98. We contacted Nicola when our 9 month old daughter was refusing to self-soothe and wasn’t sleeping through the night. We were exhausted and Nicola was highly recommended. Her questionnaire allowed us to really think through what was happening and made our call extremely useful. Nicola is a miracle-worker – within 24 hours of Nicola listening to our entire schedule with our daughter and changing it for the better, our daughter was sleeping through the night as if she’d never known anything different! If you are having any trouble, please call Nicola and don’t think twice about it, because there isn’t much that’s more important than the whole family regularly getting a decent night’s sleep – priceless! Thanks again Nic! X

  99. Lee & Caroline says:

    We first contacted Nicola when the twins were 12 weeks old. They were extremely restless and we were having to get out of bed on average over 30 times a night to settle them or feed. Nicola was fantastic. During our initial conversations she provided a good understanding of the possible causes and was extremely optimistic. After 12 weeks of no sleep it was refreshing to hear there was hope. Within 3 nights following Nicola’s plan the twins were only waking once or twice a night for a feed. They’re now just over 4 months and have slept 7.00pm-6.30am 4 out of the past 7 nights. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nicola’s services. We have happy and content twins and a 3 year old with parents with energy to play once again. Thanks so much Nicola!

  100. I highly recommend Nicola’s services – and her results! We consulted her after our toddler’s sleeping deteriorated leaving us both exhausted (and me with a small baby to look after as well). Nicola was fantastic at responding swiftly and went the extra mile to understand the sleeping problems, she then helped us identify what techniques would work for us, with amazing results – in just a few days he was (usually) going to sleep on his own, happily, and sleeping through the night again. It has made such a difference to our family and I can’t rate Nicola’s knowledge and approach highly enough. Thankyou Nic!

  101. I have to say Nicola is absolutely fantastic. I rang her in quite a sorry heap, I was exhausted as my baby was waking up 4x a night. We decided to seek help and after taking Nicola’s advice saw a dramatic improvement straight away. We took the sleep training at my pace, using methods only I was comfortable with and she was always there to support. Now we have a baby who sleeps well the majority of the time, he is only human! Lol. However what I didn’t realise we would get from the sleep training is a very structured day, everything else just fell in to place once the sleep was sorted out! I really couldn’t recommend her enough!

  102. I was impressed with Nic from the first email correspondence we had. She was both caring and professional. In person, she was warm and took a lot of trouble to understand the difficulties around my daughters sleeping. It was helpful to have discussed all the different approaches I could try and then have a detailed written plan. Bedtimes improved within a few days and Nic was alway there for ongoing support and help with any issues that arose. In less than two weeks there was a dramatic improvement. My daughter was getting the sleep she needed and I had my evenings back. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nic. Thank-you again for all your help.

  103. Adi Zuk says:

    Thanks Nicola for giving us our free time back. We used to spend stressful hours fighting with Alexa trying to get her to sleep. Now we have family time before bed that we all really enjoy. And the best part is Alexa fall asleep without any fuss or complaints. Lexy is also sleeping (mainly) through the night after only a few days on the program, and her eating and her moods during the day have improved so much.

  104. After being at my wits end, walking for hours a day or sitting parked outside my house whilst the boy slept in the back- and this was after a daily 5am start and several night wakings, I contacted Nicola. I have to admit that I did not believe that her plan would work and was hesitant to remove my bad habits. The first time I implemented a daytime nap IN HIS COT, he slept! Following a strict routine every day has resulted in him sleeping 11-12 hours at night and napping from 9-10am and 1-3pm, often without a murmur when put in his cot. He is so used to the routine that he yawns when I read him his pre-nap story. I may not be able to go out to lunch with friends any more but it has been worth it. I now have a properly rested and contented little boy. Thank you for your guidance Nicola.

  105. Heather says:

    Thank you Nic for your initial consultation & problem diagnosis and the ongoing support and advice you have provided to my family. When you were recommended to us we were in a bad place of extreme sleep deprivation, no more than an hours sleep consecutively at night for 2 months and 5 hours of walking in the day. I think the official terminology is “hell”! With your help and fantastic support I now have a 6 month old who sleeps through the night, naps in his cot and my partner and I are able to enjoy parenthood. You always provided excellent solutions, but sometimes all we needed was sympathy & encouragement and we got that in bucketloads. I cannot recommend you highly enough! You said it would be hard work, and it was, but it was certainly worth it! Thank you! Heather & Callum

    • Heather, that is so lovely! Parenthood is there to be enjoyed (most of the time!) but it is so hard to when you are simply exhausted! Callum is a little hero doing so well, all help was a pleasure!

  106. Big thanks to Nic for her help with daytime naps in the cot. It was when I was walking my 1 yr old daughter in the buggy for naps two times a day including all through the freezing snowy weather that I felt enough was enough. I knew I needed a plan for napping in the cot but even having read several books, I just didn’t know which approach was best for us and hence never had the confidence to stick it out consistently. So after a personal recommendation, we called on Nic’s help. A few weeks on and our daughter is now sleeping contently in her cot at lunchtime and we’ve even managed to extend her usual 35min naps to over 1.5hrs on most days. Nic really listened to me and understood my daughter’s personality/needs and tailored a solution just for us. Honestly, I think it’s a miracle! We are thrilled with the progress and I’m even typing this while my daughter is napping:-) Thanks a million Nic!

  107. Our 2 year old went from sleeping 12 hrs/night and 2hrs/day to refusing to go to bed, then screaming for hours and not resettling at all, even with us sleeping on her floor with her. The change was so astonishing and such a shock. After 3 weeks, which seemed like 3 years, we contacted Nicola for help. In our call, she gave us the confidence to believe we could get our little sleeper back and wrote a detailed plan. In just 4 days, our daughter was back to sleeping 12 hrs/night and enjoying her daytime nap too. We also got our happy, chatty little girl back. We recommend Nicola 100%. She’s a true expert; kind and empathetic too!

  108. After many many tears and hundreds of failed attempts at trying to persuade our 10 month old daughter to nap we contacted Nic. A month on Hattie is still ‘work in progress’ but we’ve seen so much improvement under Nic’s care and guidance. What we’ve valued most is Nic’s constant encouragement – she’s literally been living it with us on a daily (sometimes hourly – sorry Nic!) basis. Nic is incredibly knowledgable with loads of experience, works at your pace and doesn’t ever push you to adopt methods that make you feel uncomfortable which, in our experience, is unique. We parted ways today and miss her already!

    • Thanks Vic! Little Hattie certainly was a tough customer!! I’m glad she has come on so much and I’m confident that she’ll continue to do so.

  109. Rachael Arnold says:

    My nine month daughter was a terrible sleeper at night time. She was great during the day but at night time she would wake up to 8 times in the night and would only go back to sleep if my husband or I walked her around the room which was completely exhausting! I heard about Nicola through some friends and she was absolutely brilliant. She spoke with me on the phone explaining everything with such clarity and did not hesitate to answer any questions I had, not only that evening but in the days after if I was unsure about something. A week on and Chloe is managing to self settle much better and we have not had to walk her around the room once! She has also slept through the night every night which has never happened before! I can not recommend Nicola highly enough- thank you so much for all your help Nicola.

    • Thanks Rachael! It was a pleasure, Chloe is a little star!

      • Rachael Arnold says:

        Two months on and Chloe is now sleeping through the night and going down for naps on her own in her cot. She can self settle and manages to get herself to sleep within minutes. I can’t recommend Nicola highly enoigh- she has worked miracles!

  110. Barbara says:

    Thank you Nicola. I don’t know what posessed me to wait 15 months before contacting CSS. My baby girl never slept at night waking every 20 minutes to a max of 4 hours since the day she was born. It made life very challenging as lack of sleep took its toll on my sanity and on the care of and patience with my older son. Needless to say even my partner had had enough. After a few days following Nicola’s suggestions, my daughter sleeps 12 hours a night and everything looks brigher again. Thank you
    Thank you again

  111. When I first contacted Nicola, I had a baby that could only be breastfed to sleep and was waking every 2/3 hours throughout the night. I now have a happy baby who goes to sleep smiling every night and sleeps right through! I kept going off track but Nicola gently put be back on course and as soon as I stuck to her advice rigidly (I was a very poor pupil!) the results were almost immediate. I cannot recommend her highly enough. THANK YOU NIC!!!

    • Thanks Louise, it was a pleasure! You can move to top of the class! I’m so glad all is going so well,

  112. Nicola is a superhero. At 6months old, our son, Noah was waking hourly throughout the night. I was about go back to work so decided to contact Child Sleep Solutions through a recommendation. Within 3 days of implementing Nicola’s sleep plan we saw a massive improvement. Three weeks later, he was sleeping through the night.
    Noah is a much happier baby now he has a structured routine and is getting 12 to13 hours sleep each night.
    Nicola saved us and I would recommend her to anybody.

    • I like the superhero comment Lucy!! If only I could fly too! Thanks so much, I’m so glad little Noah is doing so well.

  113. If you are searching for the answers to your little ones sleep issues then contact Nicola! You will not regret it! Our lives have been transformed by her. Our son sleeps through every night and I am getting there too. Thank you so much x

  114. Nadine Taylor says:

    After a year of no sleep, we thought that was it and there was no going back. And then we met Nicola, who turned our lives around. Your ongoing advice, support and guidance has been invaluable. I cannot recommend you enough. Thank you again for bringing sanity back into our lives.

  115. Thank you Nicola for everything! I can’t fault your service, your approach or your results! 3 months on and they are both sleeping through every night and we are all so much happier. Thank you!

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