Child Sleep Top Tips

Your child can learn to sleep through. Studies into childhood sleep problems have shown that most children, up to 97% can be sleep trained successfully if a bespoke sleep training plan is followed. (Skuladottir 2001).

Don’t give up. Sleep training is often one step forward and three back. But when you follow a bespoke training plan, you can be confident in the knowledge that you are working towards an end goal and that you will get there!

The importance of a consistent, structured, relaxing and happy bedtime routine cannot be overemphasised. A child who knows what is coming at bedtime is relaxed and feels happy and content to be going to bed is much more likely to sleep!

Get outdoors as much as you can. Plenty of sunlight and fresh air in the day helps to develop a baby or child’s natural body clock making them much more likely to sleep when they’re meant to, and to stay asleep.

Make sure you’re constantly reviewing your child’s daytime napping routine. An overtired or wide awake child isn’t going to sleep well.

Consistency is the key to all methods of settling a waking child. If everyone knows what to expect, the programme will soon become the routine as will sleeping through!

Don’t assume what works for one child will work for another. Each child is an individual and will behave as one! Child Sleep Solutions creates a bespoke plan tailored to each child as an individual.